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  • Katherine Marsh

The sparrow rebuilds.

Behind the French blue door of La Vieille Maison on Saint Mary's Bay, painted on the fireplace mantel, is a quote to honor the resilience of the expelled Acadians of Nova Scotia: Comme l’hirondelle rebâtit son nid après la lempête, ainsi l’Acadien a rebâti sa demeure après l’exile. Just as the swallow rebuilt its nest after the storm, so has the Acadian rebuilt his home after banishment. Over two centuries later, the symbol of the steadfast swallow takes on new relevance, as we begin our journey of restoring La Vieille Maison.

We grew up hearing stories of Meteghan, Adolphe and La Vieille Maison from our parents, and could never have imagined that, so many years later, we would have the opportunity to play a role in the revival of the property. We are so grateful that you've chosen to join us on our journey!

"Comme l’hirondelle rebâtit son nid après la tempête, ainsi l’Acadien a rebâti sa demeure après l’exile."

We are amazed at the outpouring of support and excitement from the community. In the coming posts, we hope to share stories and updates with family, friends, and new neighbors. From the history of the cabin, the saga of the enigmatic deed, the sale by tender, restoration efforts, challenges and celebrations, we hope you'll join us as we unlock the blue door.

We are looking forward to building our own memories of the cabin. In the meantime, we would love to read your favorite memories of La Vieille Maison.

Please contact us to share your favorite memories!

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